Hospital Bedside Delivery

When you’re discharged from the hospital, the last thing you want to do is stop to pick up medications.

Now you don’t have to, thanks to a special service provided by Pine Brook Pharmacy to all local hospitals.

Pine Brook Bedside Prescription Delivery is a free service provided by Pine Brook Pharmacy. Your medications can be delivered at discharge before you leave the hospital.
To use this service simply ask your nurse to fax your prescriptions to Pine Brook Pharmacy. We’ll take care of the rest.

Why use Pine Brook Bedside Prescription Delivery?

  • Convenient: No need to stop at the pharmacy on your way home from the hospital.
  • Free and timely delivery of prescriptions at patient’s bedside before discharge.
  • Patient counseling about medications can be provided by a pharmacist.
  • 24/7 pharmacist hotline.
  • Five-day follow-up call to patient after discharge to ensure adherence and to answer any questions.
  • Pharmacist will do a 25-day follow-up call to initiate refills to continue medication therapy and deliver each month.