Medication Reminder Program


Are you taking multiple medications at different times?

Do you often forget to take your medications?

Take your Medications On Time Every Time – with Pine Brook Medication Reminder Program

Pine Brook Medication Reminder answers all your questions and offers more…..

  • Pine Brook Medication Reminder is the BEST reminder system. It was developed by a pharmacist, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. If you really want to stay on track, Pine Brook Medication Reminder makes it easy to manage all your meds and health-related activities. The goal is to help patients become more compliant when it comes to taking their medications.

How Does it Work?

For Patients:

  • Create an Account.
  • Login to the Portal.

If Pine Brook Pharmacy Customer:

ALL your medication data will be pre populated for you. Just select which medication(s) reminder you need to set up and the method of reminder. And that’s it….. you are on your way!

If not a Pine Brook Pharmacy Customer:

No Worries. You can create the Account. Login into the Portal and then manually add all the medication reminder. And choose the method of reminder….

For Medical Providers:

Medical Providers like Doctor’s office can create an account and schedule follow up appointment reminders or any customized reminders using this Program.

Choose your method of reminder



Answer your automated call and you’ll hear: “Hello, this is Pine Brook Pharmacy reminding you to take your levothyroxine…..”



Your scheduled SMS (text messages) will help you to remember to take your medications with reminders like, “Time to use your eye drops. Always wash your hands first!” NOTE: The use of SMS (text messages) may result in additional charges from your phone service provider.



Scheduled email reminders work for daily dosing and routine refill reminders. You create custom email messages like, “It’s 8AM. Take these pills now: multi-vitamin, fish oil, Glucosamine, Lutein, and Stresstabs.”

To enroll in the Medication Reminder Program

To Login to Your Account